Wandering Florida; An Introduction Behind the Screens

First and foremost I would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting Wandering Florida. Whether you stumbled upon this page by accident, found it in a Google search, or knew exactly what you were getting yourself into, we appreciate your support.

For those who found themselves here by wandering around the internet, I am sure you are wondering “what is Wandering Florida?”. The short answer; is a travel blog written by a native Floridian dedicated to sharing my experiences, adventures, and tips for visiting, vacationing, exploring, and even living in the Sunshine State.

About the Man at the Keyboard

Hello, my name is Luis. My last name is long and unpronounceable so I tend to leave it out of introductions. Besides, what you really want to know is what qualifies me to talk to you about life in Florida, right? The list can be long, but I will start with the basics.

I was born in Central Florida and have spent all my life here with the exception of three years recently spent in Indiana. As a resident of the Sunshine State, I have lived in several areas of Florida experiencing a wide variety of the lifestyles available in our great state. From farm life on the outskirts of the forest to city life in the south metro area as well as relaxing in Florida’s horse country to dropping lines in many of the Central Florida lakes.

The one thing I have grown to love about Florida is that it offers a lifestyle for just bout any person out there. Regardless of whether your body yearns for country life, city life, beach life, or relaxed living, you can find it in Florida.

Inspiration for Wandering Florida

Growing up here I spent many days and nights enjoying the natural amenities our wonderful state has to offer as well as exploring and adventuring throughout the state. Then one day I met a Hoosier (Indiana Native) and fell in love. Soon after, we had our own family and what better way to bond as a family than to share the experiences I had as a child with my growing family.

With years of experience as a writer and photographer, I decided to find a hobby that would not only utilize my skills and passion but also allow me to include my family and continue my adventures with my kids and wife. What better way than to share my stories, experiences, photos, and thoughts on Florida’s hidden gems, hotels, restaurants, and attractions to help guide others and great vacation ideas on any budget.

What to Expect from Wandering Florida

As my father used to tell me all the time as a kid, “You can’t build a house without first building the foundation”. My plans for Wandering Florida is for this blog to become a go-to site for recommendations on hotels, camping sites, attractions, cities, and so much more while helping families, individuals, or couples find great ideas for living, vacationing, or visiting in Florida.

Wandering Florida will offer insight into things to do in any situation. Find ideas for a weekend off of work, get recommendations on how to spend a day visiting nearby locations, plan a week or two while on vacation, and more.

Along with sharing my recommendations and experiences, I will also categorize the locations I visit in our directory adding as much detailed information to each listing as amenities offered, pricing, features, pros, cons, and even allowing other viewers to rate and share their experiences on those locations.

Our family loves the outdoors and camping. But you can expect to see a little bit of everything covered in Wandering Florida. I will include kayaking trips, hiking, beaches, hotels, attractions, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, food trucks, festivals, historic locations, and especially tent, RV, and cabin camping.

Wandering Florida Standards

Although this blog is mostly my family and me sharing our thoughts and recommendations, we will keep a core set of standards by which we rate our visits to make sure we are rating each location fairly and equally. As part of those standards, we will approach each location from several points of view. We will offer insight on the location as a family looking for a family outing, as a couple looking for a getaway, as a family looking for a budget-friendly experience, and also from an educational perspective offering insight for individuals, families, and groups into the history and importance of Florida’s past.

All locations will be fairly rated on a ten-point scale, with 1 being the lowest, in regards to cleanliness, customer service, price vs value, overall experience, and hospitality or quality of service.

To be Totally Honest

While my primary objective is to entertain a hobby and passion with my skills and with my family all while sharing my experiences, I have to be honest in saying that I utilize affiliate marketing techniques that allow me to earn a commission from links and advertisements strategically placed throughout this website. Please keep in mind, however, that I will never promote or advertise any company or service that I have not used or truly recommend. Any affiliate links for any products, services, attractions, or businesses have been personally used by myself and my family and we are happy with the results.

Also keep in mind that although I am an affiliate for many of these companies, I am not a representative of any of them and any of my thoughts, opinions, or recommendations or not the thoughts, opinions, or recommendations of any mentioned company.

As an affiliate of these companies, I will earn a small percentage any time one of our readers visit, clicks, downloads, uses, or purchases any links, products, or services from our affiliates. After all, this website has to be paid for somehow. And also, the more I earn, the more I can continue doing what I love and offering great content!

Another way we keep the doors open, the lights on, and the gas tank full is with our merch shop. If you really want to support us but don’t want to mess with any affiliate marketing, take a few minutes to browse through our shop where you can find hats, shirts, and more that helps to support us with each sale. Be sure to check the merch shop regularly as we update it from time to time with new items.

Want to support us in another way? That’s cool too! Follow us on social media and share our posts with your friends and family.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you and hope that you go from a reader to a subscriber, to a fan!

See you out in the sunshine!

Luis Izquierdohttps://www.wanderingfl.com
Luis is the founder of Wandering Florida. A Florida native, born and raised, and has spent over 35 years exploring and setting on adventures throughout the great Sunshine State. Luis adventures throughout Florida with his wife and children finding great locations for you to spend your day trip, weekend, or vacation.

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