About Wandering Florida

Luis Izquierdo – Father, Writer, Photographer, & Adventurer

Wandering Florida is a travel blog that shares some of Florida’s best destinations in the eyes of a Floridian.

When most people visit Florida, they visit the standard checklist locations; Disney World, Universal Studios, Bush Gardens, Miami Beach, etc.

However, ask any native Floridian and we will tell you that you are missing out on the “true” Florida.

Locals don’t like to sit in long lines at overpriced tourist attractions. Instead, we have our own destinations that we take advantage of.

In the Sunshine State, you can experience crystal-clear water in one of the hundreds of natural springs or hike through a trail surrounded by greenery.

My name is Luis Izquierdo. I have been a writer for 6 years, a photographer for 18, a father for 17, and an adventurer since I was born.

As a writer, I spent most of my years writing news articles for various publications. As a photographer, I captured beautiful moments and breathtaking scenery. As an adventurer, I experienced the coolest and strangest places. Then, as a father, I thought that I had to choose which of the other three I can spend my spare time enjoying.

Turns out, I did not have to choose. I was lucky enough to have a family that enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. Now, as a family, we all set across the state exploring every chance we get.

After years of adventuring with my family, it occurred to me that I can share our experiences and at the same time merge all of my passions into one. Soon thereafter, Wandering Florida was born. A place where I can be a writer, a photographer, a father, and an adventurer while passing on my love to those who want to be the next ones to Wander Florida.